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Empower Network – One of the best Business of the 21st Century! 

The thought, planning and testing that went into the development of Empower Network has
made it one of the best companies of the 21st century. As I stated in one of my earlier posts it is
unique and special income opportunity that was created for affiliates by affiliates. The founders of Empower Network, David Wood and David Sharpe have stated many times that Empower Network was designed and created because they where feed up with seeing their downlines unable to duplicate the marketing success that they were having. 

What Empower Network Provides!

Empower Network provides an online opportunity that empowers it members to earn money without the challenges and setbacks most people experience when starting a new business. Empower Network products are designed and crafted to allow even individuals new to network marketing to make income online immediately. 

Empower Network – Your Income, your call

People often ask how much money they can make with Empower Network. It’ your call, you can make as little or as much as you like. The amount of money you make is entirely up to you. With Empower Network, Mindset and Attitude are the two most important contributing factors that influence and impact one’s ability to achieve success.

There are people who join Empower Network with the intention of making a few extra hundred dollars a month and others that join to make 6 figure monthly incomes.

It really comes down to your personal goals, desires and dreams, along with how much willingness, work, energy, time, effort and resources you put into the business to obtain your money making goals.

Empower Network – How it makes you Money!

Empower Network uses a powerful affiliate marketing model that works this way. When you advertise your Empower Network affiliate links and attract prospects, they will watch a presentation that will go over the Empower Network opportunity and products and began start receiving follow up email messages informing them of what is going on with Empower Network.

As soon as they sign up, pay the basic membership and get started, Empower Network will pay
you 100% of the commissions of their product purchase. It is that simple.

Let’s say for example, you signed 10 new member basic signups on your team …. You can potentially earn $250 residual income from just those sales alone.

To top it off, data has shown approximately 50% of all customers who participate in the Empower Network basic membership will upgrade to the $100 a month inner circle subscription.

Using the same example above, if you had 10 members and 5 of them upgraded to the inner circle, you could earn a monthly residual of $750 with only 10 people on your team 

Empower Network – How Much to get Started!

To join Empower Network, the basic membership is $25 (monthly) + $19.95 (to manage the in-house commission pay out structure) to become an affiliate and receive commissions instantly. 

To reap the real benefit of the system, it is in your best interest to at least upgrade to the Inner Circle membership which grants access to some of the most vital and pivotal aspects and highlights of the program.

For example, if you plan to become an affiliate and join the Basic Blogging Membership + Inner Circle, which is one of the most popular of Empower Network due to the extremely high value offered for such a respectable and affordable price. 

The breakdown would be the following:

A basic membership to the Empower Network gets access to the viral blogging platform and it
will cost you $25 a month (blogging site) + a $19.95 (affiliate fee) + $100 Inner Circle membership (up to date, relevant make money marketing membership).

Remember you will get your investment back with only one person you sign up since Empower Network pays 100% commissions. Want to know more about Empower Network before joining, watch any or all of the videos by the company owners on the right. The information and training
in the EN products work with any business.


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If you are not already a member with Empower Network, Click the Join Empower
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About The Author:

I live in Denton, Texas. After retiring from a major electronics company after 27 years in manufacturing management I began to look at other income opportunities and that is when I became interested in network marketing. I have become convinced that network marketing offers everything that I am looking for in a 2nd career. I am convinced that if I continue to learn the business, practice what I learn, invest in my education and business tools and apply myself diligently I will have the total success I am looking for.


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